Buy a Board Fundraiser Update!

After much anticipation, the WHA has posted signs on the west end of the bridge over McKay Creek!

The signs we selected can display 12 buy-a-board honoree’s each. We have enough board donations for a 3rd sign which is currently being printed, and will include the first 12 honorees in the list below. We need 11 more board donations for create our 4th sign.

Here is our Donor and Honoree List that are not yet displayed at the end of the bridge, but will be as soon as we have 12 total donations:

  • Valerie Denis honoring Tami Latzo and Gus
  • Jenny Mazgaj honoring Fancy Pony
  • Chris & Jenny Collett in memory of Apache
  • Chris & Jenny Collett honoring Tiger
  • Andrea Gabel honoring Rhett and Ginger
  • Kitty Hahn-Campanella honoring Marissa Sweetland
  • Kitty Hahn-Campanella in memory of Sadie
  • Carmen Benitez honoring Rex and Churro
  • Denise Kurmay honoring Wild Spirit Stables
  • Kenneth Bray & Teresa O’Hanlon honoring Audrey Bray
  • Tami Latzo honoring Midnight
  • Tami Latzo honoring Mighty Midas
  • Diem Johnson honoring Jack

To recap, last year the bridge over McKay Creek underwent some desperately needed repairs to ensure safe riding for equestrians and their horses.   Walsingham Horseman’s Association is asking for volunteers to “Buy A Board” for the bridge to help offset the cost of these repairs.  

Boards may be donated in “Memory of” or in “Honor of” a special horse or equestrian for $100.00 per board with installation. Donations of any amount also accepted and supporting businesses will be recognized on our website. Below is the list of donors and honorees that are currently display at the west end of the bridge:

  • Abigail Whitaker-Martes honoring AWM Equestrian Inc
  • Harvey & Kim Rose honoring Reata and Tess
  • Jess McCarty honoring Smoke & Mirrors
  • Kathy Zach honoring Indy and Cooper
  • Kristie Appugliese honoring Zoey
  • Laura Sarka honoring Petey
  • Melanie Frear honoring Sunny in the City
  • Shelley Sweetland honoring Marissa Sweetland & Sadie
  • Carmen Benitez honoring Reno
  • Heather Johnson honoring Wild Cal and The Hidden Ace
  • Lara and Olivia Young honoring Johnny’s Cash and Gunner
  • Sandy Templeman honoring Wrangler

Use the order form below to alert the WHA of your donation so we can keep our progress and donor list up to date.

Donations may be made by Cash or Check in person or mailed to: WHA, PO Box 3616, Seminole, FL 33775

Pay online using PayPal or major credit card by clicking Donate to the right. (Below on mobile devices)

Walsingham Horseman’s Association is a 501C3 Not for Profit Organization All donations are tax deductible

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