Walsingham Horseman’s Association (WHA) was incorporated in 1987 to provide an equestrian park safe from traffic and other hazards. WHA trail fees cover insurance and property maintenance of the WHA Horse Park to promote responsible and safe recreational use of horses while protecting Pinellas County against liability. Today, WHA has approximately 75 members in Pinellas County. The WHA Board and Members volunteer their time assisting with park maintenance including a riding arena, trail trimming, McKay Creek equestrian bridge, and fence maintenance. WHA sponsors equine activities including therapeutic riding for the handicapped and local horse shows and events. WHA has also sponsored the annual St. Jude Ride to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. All of these programs contribute to the development of our youth by teaching responsibility, sportsmanship, community awareness and leadership skills.

Mia Stierheim
WHA President

Jenny Collett
WHA Vice President & Property Manager

Joanne Butler
WHA Secretary

Teresa O’Hanlon
WHA Treasurer & Membership

Heather Johnson
WHA Event Coordinator

Chris Collett
WHA Property Manager

Lara Young
Board Member

Tami Latzo
Board Member