Why Join?

Pay as little as .34 cents a day to ride on 50 acres of horse trails.

What does your trail fee do?

Access: Provides year-round access to a safe fenced riding park for horses only.
Trail Trimming: Maintains clear wide trails free of branches, debris etc.
Mowing: Maintains all grass areas mowed.

McKay Creek equestrian bridge: Maintains a safe and sound bridge for crossing the creek.

Fencing: Maintains 50+ acres of fencing to protect you and your horses.
Round Pens: Two pens maintained for schooling your horses.
Water: Drinking water for your horse and area to hose off your horse in hot weather.
Rest Area: Picnic tables and garbage dispensers.

Port-O-Potty: Clean and sanitary for use.

Safety: All access gates are kept locked for your safety. 

Members: All have an individual key to access the park.

Equestrian Events: Various organized horse activities and events scheduled throughout the year.

Opportunities: A chance to meet other equestrian riders within your community.