WHA/Pinellas County Park Rules

  1. A signed “Trail Use Fee Application” and payment must be received by a board member and is required prior to access to the horse park.
  2. A WHA guest pass will require approval by a member of board member prior to access to the park.
    Guest pass are intended to be for a one time visit ONLY. All guests must complete a release of liability WHA form and pay the appropriate trail fee. The Guest must be accompanied by a rider who has already paid the yearly fee and has a Trail Use Fee Application on file with WHA. No third party forms, releases or permission slips are accepted.
  3. Parks are open from dawn until dusk.
  4. Keys/Combinations are not to be loaned/given to guests.
  5. All gates must be kept locked.
  6. Horse trailers and vehicles must be parked inside the gates.
  7. No Racing, No Galloping, No jumping. Trails are for pleasure gaits only.
  8. Motorized vehicles are prohibited. (i.e. ATVs, Motorcycles golf carts)
  9. Use caution when approaching and passing other horses and exercise safety.
  10. Riding is not permitted on the maintenance trails (on the South & West fence lines of the park).
  11. Horse owners are responsible for their horses and any damage they may do.
  12. No loose horses are to be left unattended.
  13. No dogs or other pets.
  14. The board must be informed if a service dog will be brought into the park. The general membership must be notified for the health and safety of others. The fact that horses are prey animals their instinct is fight-or-flight and this could pose a danger to other riders in the park as well as the service dog. The service animal must be under the control of its handler and must have a harness or leash for safety of both horse and riders in the park.
  15. No drugs or alcoholic beverages.
  16. No smoking or open fires in the park.
  17. All litter and trash must be picked up.
  18. Wildlife is to be protected and treated respectfully.
  19. WHA is a 501(c)(3) organization; no “for profit” activities may be conducted within the park. (i.e. no training, lessons, etc.)

For your safety, we would like everyone to wear an SEI approved helmet while riding on the trails, though it is only required for children under 18.

WARNING  – Under Florida law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.